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New Moon at 20° 41′ Aries at 9:36 am (GMT) April 10th, 2013 (ref. effemeridi Auréas).

The scenery won’t change for a while because Saturn and Pluto remain in potential sextile and Pluto and Uranus – as explained here – will stay in square more or less till 2015. Looking at the New Moon chart we note that there won’t be any precise aspect between the planets in Aries and the ones in other signs. So Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus conjunct will be free to act without any restriction. Nothing will be on their way.


Chart data: London, April 10, 9:36 a.m. GMT. Chart by Astro.com

No doubt that being in a fire sign, the first of the zodiac,  which represents spring and  the nature that awakes, the four planets invites us to a new beginning. If we are able to use this exceptional push forward we will be able not  only to use Mars energy, but also Venus protection and the ability to feel what is right for us now. Someone may  find love or in alternative solve a health or financial problem, others  could simply have a new approach to life.

The keyword is: action, obviously it would be better to  ponder it and not to be too impulsive, a risk given the high voltage of the planets in Aries.